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WCF offers new members two options for our fundamentals program before getting started in regular CrossFit classes.* This program consists of 6 classes spanning a two-week period. Our standard small group fundamentals class is $75. We also offer a private one-on-one option as well for people who need greater scheduling flexibility for $250. This private option includes two weeks of one on one instruction and two weeks of unlimited group classes. We are typically able to schedule these classes around your availability. 

In fundamentals we cover all basic movements and methodology used in regular classes. We stress the following progression: Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity. However, safety is our number one priority so we limit our fundamentals class to 6 athletes. Once you complete your fundamentals training. You are ready to go join regular classes! You can choose from one of our membership options. See our rates for more pricing information.

We understand that things come up so you are permitted to miss one fundamental class. After missing more than one class we require you to schedule a one-hour personal training session in order to catch up with your fellow classmates. The cost of the make up class session is $40.

*The fundamentals program is not required for boot camp or barbell club participation.




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